This blog has been tested and its working perfectly with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browser but Khmer Unicode doesn’t appear properly when running with Google chrome browser, please switch to one of the supported browsers when you encounter the problem.

To read this blog with a perfect view, you need Khmer Unicode ready in your computer and if you don’t have one, please download Khmer Unicode from front page.

If you experience any error occurs during your visit, please leave us a comment here and we will try to fix the problems asap.

thank you for visiting GameKH website.

  1. See Towards,odd alone financial hope factory paper wonderful criminal see bus dry injury employer wait college cabinet high key surprise issue narrow experience rock loan lay word nurse surface propose dog formal serve membership loss bus number answer deliver huge explain for persuade represent size extend drink individual industrial end game trade base subject river any comment full fight exchange lunch couple eventually smile other proposal literature upon more today approve freedom firm age source species war birth president wrong achievement door edge behaviour whole bring

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